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May, 2017 : New Contact Number for the site is:  

              07522 554855 

July 2015:  Improvements made to the site, and cosmetic changes made to clarify areas.

February, 2014:  Some changes made to the formatting and appearance of the main Spirit of Birkenhead institute Web Page, and bringing the site up to date.

January, 2013: Some information about former pupil G.N. Richards and his Form Prize book from 1926 has been added to the Whetsonian web site. The Whetsonian web site has also been updated and improved:


January, 2013 :  Former B.I. pupil James Stewart has written an excellent article about Mr E. Wynne-Hughes, former Headmaster, which can be found on the E. Wynne-Hughes page of the Pupils' Memories web site:-


April, 2012:  The new contact number for Voicemails and Texts to the site is now:-

                                                07778 722207

 January, 2012:    I am very sad to advise that Nancy Price, former B.I. Art Teacher, passed away on 27th December, 2011. Nancy will be kindly remembered by many former staff and pupils, and my thoughts and best wishes go out to Nancy's family at this sad time. There are more details on the NEWS page of the main Spirit of Birkenhead Institute site.

August, 2011: Please urgently register your objections to the proposed re-development of the Ingleborough Road Playing Fields via the link below. Many thanks to Keith Dutton for this information. The link is at:-


July, 2011:  Former pupil Richard Hill, (1953 -1958), has sent in some excellent pictures from the 1950s. These can be seen on the Your Memories page of the Pupils' Web Site at:-


May, 2011:  Dean Johnson has announced a new exhibition at his Wilfred Owen Gallery in June, 2011. Please see the Pupils' Web Site, (Link below), under the Dean Johnson page for more details. (See below for the poster with details also). This exhibition has now been extended to 12th August, 2011, owing to its popularity.

March, 2011: A new pupils' web site has been added to the site elements, owing to space restrictions on the other sites. I have already included some fascinating items on the new site, including information about Glyn Norman Richards, former B.I. pupil from the 1920s. The new site can be seen at:-


March 1st, 2011 : Dean Johnson is presenting a special gala performance of Bullets and Daffodils in Chester on 22nd March, 2011. Full details are on the NEWS page of the Spirit of Birkenhead Institute web site, and also on the WILFRED OWEN page of the Pupils' web site.

February 7th, 2011: Dean Johnson has provided exciting news that his Wilfred Owen project and exhibition will be situated at 34, Argyle Street, Birkenhead. Full details are shown on the Wilfred Owen page of the pupils' memories web site. If any former pupil has a B.I. cap, tie, and blazer, Dean would be interested in using them in his exhibition. Please email me at:


The BIOB has  recently set up a new web site, (December, 2010), and former B.I. pupil Keith Dutton has added many new and interesting items. Keith is continuing to add items on a regular basis, so please have a look. The site can be found via the link below:-


I have recently added a tribute page to Mr L.T. Malcolm, former B.I. pupil, teacher, and Deputy Headmaster, to the B.I. Pupils' web site. Mr Malcolm sadly died recently, (December, 2010), and I would welcome your memories and tributes to him. His death is a sad loss to the school, and his memory shall live on in the minds of all who knew him. Please see below a link to the pupils' web site, and go to the L.T. Malcolm page.

I have included on my Whetsonian site home page a dedication to my Grandfather, Sergeant Thomas Price, who was a Wirral man, and who was awarded several medals for his bravery, including the Military Medal. Some details are shown below:-

Dean Johnson is presenting a special tribute to Wilfred Owen at Christ Church, Oxton on Wednesday, 15th December, 2010 at 7.30pm. Full details are available on my pupils' web site on the Wilfred Owen page via the link below:-


A new Flickr web site dedicated to Wilfred Owen has been set up, and can be accessed via:


Dean Johnson has performed his marvellous musical tribute to Wilfred Owen at Birkenhead Central Library on November 10th, 2010. Several former pupils and staff from the B.I. were also present, including Harry Burkett and former B.I. English Teacher Jeff Walsh.

Dean Johnson has sent in some exciting items which have been added to the B.I. Pupils' web site within the "Wilfred Owen" page. These include a portrait of Wilfred Owen which Dean has commissioned, a letter which Dean received from Prime Minister David Cameron, and a flyer about Dean's music project "Bullets and Daffodils" at Birkenhead Library on November 10th, 2010.

Ben Johnson, (Former pupil), has sent in his memories of B.I. school dinners, which can be seen on the Memories (2) page of the BI Pupils' Web Site.

Dean Johnson has very kindly sent in a letter he has received from Wilfred Owen's nephew, Peter Owen, which is reproduced on the Wilfred Owen page of the Pupils' web site. The letter compliments Dean on his work and songs, which are dedicated to Wilfred.

A new page called Where are they? has been added to the Pupils' web site, in order for anyone to request information about former B.I. pupils or staff. I can't guarantee that information will be forthcoming, but it is worth including your request to see if anyone remembers information, or knows where someone is now.

Dean Johnson, former BI pupil and Wirral Musician, is presenting his musical tribute to Wilfred Owen at Birkenhead Library on Saturday, 11th September, 2010. (See poster below). The show will be at 2.15pm and 3.30pm, and admission is free. This is a taster for Dean's show in November for "Bullets and Daffodils", and is well worth a visit! There will be photos, facts about Wilfred Owen, and a poetry competition. Photographs from the display which Dean used have now been added to the Flickr site, and also to the Wilfred Owen page.

An item about Hetty Rosenbloom, former B.I. Art Teacher, has been added to the Pupils' Memories site. (Your Memories- Page 2).  If anyone has any more information, I shall be pleased to receive it.

I have set up a B.I. photograph gallery site on Flickr, and some photographs from B.I. history are already included. Full details and a link to Flickr can be found on the Home page of the Spirit of Birkenhead Institute main site.  More photographs will be added to this site in due course. If you have any items for inclusion, I shall be pleased to receive them. The link to the site is repeated below:-


Dave Garry, former B.I pupil, has sent in some intersting photographs from 1969. These can be seen on the 1967/1969 page of this site. Many thanks to Dave for these great pictures!

Dean Johnson, former B.I. pupil, and also Wirral musician, has contacted me about the musical project he is working on about Wilfred Owen called "Bullets and Daffodils". Information about Dean can be found on the Wilfred Owen page of my web site. (See picture of Dean Johnson below, along with the logo from Bullets and Daffodils.).  Dean has kindly sent me a copy of the Bullets and Daffodils theme song, which includes a reference to the B.I.. If anyone would like to hear it, please let me know and I can share the music file via email. Dean has also sent in another song "Welcome to Birkenhead", which is from his project, which is also available if anyone would like to hear it. (See below).  Dean advises me that he will be presenting his project at Birkenhead Library in November, 2010, and more details will follow here shortly. Below is an article from "Shropshire Star" about Dean and his music. Many thanks to Dean for keeping me informed about his project!

Former pupil Nigel Thomas has sent in some fascinating memories of his time at the B.I., including some from his Grandfather, Edward Molyneux, who was also a pupil at the school in the early part of the last century. His memories can be seen on the Pupils' Memories site, within the "Your Memories" page.

Former pupil Christopher Lee Power, now an Author and Actor,  has sent in an extract from his Autobiography about Birkenhead Institute, which can be seen on the "Your Memories" page. This is a fascinating view of his life at the school.

Some more early history of the B.I. has been added to the "Whetsonian" site.

A new site has been created called "Whetsonian", which is intended to cover the early history of the Birkenhead Institute. Items have already been added, including pictures from the early days. A complete 1939 Visor has also been added, courtesy of Paul Alexander Mclean, a former pupil. The site is located at:-


Neil Tudor, (Pupil 1972 -1979), has sent in his memories of the B.I., and these have been added to the pupils' memories site. Thanks again to Neil for all of your positive comments.

"PENINSULA"  magazine, a new magazine published in South Wirral, has recently featured a two-page article about this site and the history of Birkenhead Institute. The article was published in early February, 2010, and a copy has been added to the "Varia" page, with a copy also in the Gallery for easier viewing. Many thanks to Peninsula for publishing this article. 

Don Sutherland has sent in a photo of his brother, Robert Graham Sutherland, who was a pupil of the B.I. 1943 - 1949. The photo can be seen on the pupils' memories web site in the "Your Photographs" page.

An article about Mr A. R. Thacker's retirement has been added to the Memorabilia page of the pupils' memories web site, along with two articles about former pupil Christopher M. Lee.

Ian McFarland, (B.I. 1940 -1944), has sent in a photograph of himself, and also a copy of part of the 1943 school photograph with names added. These can be seen on the Memories page of the B.I. pupils' web site.

The SOBI Web site has had a facelift to brighten up the headings and backgrounds to the site. The characteristic yellow and black colours of the B.I. have been used.

A new page about "The Whetsonian" and the B.I. Junior School has been added to the pupils' memories site. (Link shown below).

I have received a really fascinating article from Ron Whitmore, former pupil, and this has been added to Your Memories page, (See link below). This item came via Tony Moody in Australia, and I would like to thank Ron and Tony for this excellent item.

Here is a link to the excellent photographs from the 2009 BIOB Annual Dinner, held on 2nd October, 2009 at Caldy Golf Club:-


The history of the B.I. from 1889 - 1959  edition of The Visor contained some very interesting items, and these have recently been added to the 1959 page of this site. These items include photographs of former headmasters and the original Brooklands site.

Keith Sedman, (Pupil 1942 -1949), has sent in some excellent photographs and memories, including his Cross Country medal pictures from 1949. These can be seen on the dedicated Birkenhead Institute site for Your Memories, via the link:


The 1949 and 1951 school photographs have been added to the relevant pages of this site. They are in excellent condition and have been reproduced well.

A new Visitors Book has been added to the "Spirit of Birkenhead Institute" site, which gives the opportunity to reply to messages left, and all messages can be selected in chronological order.

A new site has been set up for pupils and staff memories. Several new items have already been added to the site, and more will be added as they are received. This can be found at:-


Very many thanks to Ben Johnson, former pupil, for providing some excellent memories of the B.I., which have recently been added to the Your Memories page of the above site.



Above is the logo for Bullets and Dafodils and also a poster, and below is a picture of Dean Johnson, Wirral musician and former B.I. pupil:-

Dean Johnson



Voice mails and text messages to this site:-

                    07778 722 207


Dean Johnson has very kindly sent in two songs from "Bullets and Daffodils", which are available for any former pupil or teacher to hear. Also, above is an article courtesy of "Shropshire Star", which features Dean's project and Wilfred Owen, and Dean Johnson at the Wilfred Owen memorial site.  Many thanks to Dean for this article and picture.


 Please contact me at the email address below for details of Dean's music:-




THE B.I. STAFF, 1957/1958